What is Mastering?

Mastering is the final step in the audio processing chain before a release goes into distribution, completing the song(s) for consumer use.

Often called the 'dark art' of audio, mastering is a refined process which takes a 'final mix' into an 'industry standard' or 'radio ready' master.

The idea of mastering is in fact a simple one which began around the boom of vinyl, where pressing houses would process the music so it would sound louder, hence 'better' than their competitors in the music shops, resulting in more sales.

Since the days of the vinyl boom, the mastering house and mastering engineer has undergone a great deal of evolution, with listening formats still growing vast and varied and the consumption of music & audio taking a life upon itself but the idea remains simple, to maximise the final mix in order to stand out in the real world, against a multitude of releases, to be used in any listening scenario and still sound 'complete'.

Here, we call upon a multitude of tools & techniques to refine the stereo image, tonal balancing & enhancement, dynamic behaviour, song character and ensure your audio is appropriately levelled to behave effectively in the real world, without degradation.

Can you provide quotes and/or discounts?

Our standard rates are presented when you submit a project.

However if you'd like to talk to us about anything before that, please get in contact.

What is the turn around?

Turn around is respective to the project type which is outlined in the price guide. Rush orders are guaranteed to be fulfilled within 24 hours, first drafts guaranteed within 12 hours.

Can you do an example master on one song, free of charge?

For a single release (less than 4 songs, up to 8 mins) we do not provide a sample service.

Releases of more than 4 songs we are happy to do a sample master of one song.

Do you do mastering for vinyl release?

Absolutely, you can select this on the submit a project page.

What is the difference?

It is the mastering engineers job to have a thorough understanding of the performance of different listening systems and formats.

The vinyl and vinyl players themselves have certain behaviours that need to be accounted for in processing. As a small example, high frequencies are diminished as the needle gets closer to the vinyl records centre; which needs to be counter balanced in the mastering process.

The needle of the record player can also jump in instances of low end rumble and overload. Digital formats like CD’s are consistent and will replicate what is done in mastering very precisely.

How do I submit the song files?

You can upload your project info and files to Mastering or Mixing submission pages.

For mixes, we ask for a download link to the individual, consolidated .wav files or a complete pro tools folder & file (.ptf, with all relevant folders).

For masters, simply upload your final mixes in .wav format, enter the file information, fill out all the relevant fields and your project will enter our production process immediately.

Do you have any positions for interns.

Currently there are no places for full time interns but we don’t like to say no. If you are a college or university student undergoing an intern module, please get in touch and we will see how we can make up your experience quota.

Do you do mixing?

Absolutely, please go our Mixing page.